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This statement is by Carl Frankel, curator and co-author of Secrets of the Sex Masters, and his business and life partner, the sex educator and Secrets contributor Sheri Winston. It is our response to the statement recently issued by the Women of Color Sexual Health Network (WOCSHN)

Soon after the upset broke about our not including contributors of colors in Secrets of the Sex Masters, we apologized and committed to remedying it. The full apology, in which we freely acknowledge “committing white privilege” and other errors, is here.

We deeply regret the pain we have caused. We are committed to doing what we can to remedy it by rapidly producing a revised version that includes contributors of color.

WOCSHN is right. We live in a society that is structurally racist and ‘white supremacist’ in the sense that it privileges white people over people of color. This is a source of pain to people of color and to us as well.

We also agree with what we understand to be the basic purpose of the WOCSHN statement, which is to shine a much-needed spotlight on the marginalization of people of color in the sex-education field.

We want to see the same structural shifts that WOCSHN does. This was true before we published Secrets of the Sex Masters. It remains true today.

As people who share the goals and ideals of WOCSHN, we deeply regret the unhappiness we caused.

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