We had a few use cases in mind when we built freze.

For example, you might want to cite an article or website that you're worried might change (if you're citing a mistake, for example) or be taken down (if the site isn't stable, for example).

It will work on almost every URL, with the following exceptions: the page must not require authentication or postdata (form entry).

Keep in mind that freze does not save any dependencies, such as css, javascript or images, for the pages we cache. We're not a backup service.

Because we don't archive dependencies, the design and usability of the cached page could break. If you need to preserve the full look and/or functionality of a page, we recommend taking a screenshot or using the 'save as' option available in most browsers.

The to-do bucket list


We were worried about that. freze is built and maintained by William P. Davis. Go ahead and shoot him an e-mail (will@wpdavis.com) or contact him on Twitter @williampd.