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This tool is currently disabled. (Why? No, wait, What do you mean disabled? Learn more about FetLife's troublesome behavior. Please ask FetLife to stop blocking this tool, and please do CC me. Thanks! You can still download and install this tool on your website, or you can download the exporter itself and run it from your personal computer.

Update, please read:

On the night of February 14, FetLife.com blocked this server's IP address, functionally preventing anyone from managing their own archive, including taking away the ability of users to delete archives themselves. This is…somewhat stupid and rather counter-productive, especially because FetLife's new community manager, Susan Wright, has apparently been sending vaguely threatening emails to individuals telling them to delete their archive. I'm not sure why FetLife would ask their users to do something that they then prevent them from doing, but that's FetLife for you. :)

Before this tool does something it can't undo, it checks to make sure that the connection it has (i.e., your browser) is using credentials that FetLife accepts. Obviously, it would be a Bad Thing if any random person could, say, delete any other random person's files. So the first thing that happens when you use the forms below is that they log you into FetLife. If that fails, perhaps because this server can't connect to FetLife due to their block, then it doesn't do anything!

Obviously, since FetLife blocked connections from my server's IP address, the tool can't log you in, and therefore you can't do anything. How frustrating, and rather counter-productive for FetLife. But I've gone ahead and implemented a work-around so that you can actually still issue commands to your own archive. It's not perfect because there's nothing fancy here, and I suspect what's going on is that FetLife sent a lot of email to everyone who used the exporter and now y'all are trying to use it all at once, which is obviously just more than my machines can handle. It's not like I'm, I don't know, a corporation or anything. :)P

So, first of all, if you've already used this Exporter and would like a backup of your account, go ahead and download it:

and my
If you choose to download your archive, after you've done so, you can delete your archive and your download file.

As of January, 2013, this page is experiencing extraordinarily high load. Since FetLife has recently announced that they are deleting large swaths of your content to comply with federal, state, and corporate payment processor content guidelines, this tool is being used routinely. However, please note that it is an extremely resource-intensive tool that costs me upwards of $100 per month to maintain. Please consider donating to keep this tool usable. You may also be interested in these other FetLife software tools, such as FetLife iCalendar, FetLife to WordPress exporter, FetLife Age/Sex/Location Search and the FetLife Alleged Abusers Database Engine (as well as my post, "Tracking rape culture's social license to operate online").

This tool lets you export your FetLife history.

FetLife connection details
Export options

Important note: This tool provides no visual progress indication, but it does function. Once you begin the export, please be patient, please do not press the back button, and please do not close the window. The export may take some time, depending on the amount of history logged in your FetLife account. If you receive an error, please copy the exact text of the error and contact the author. If you are savvy, you may also download this tool and run it on your local computer yourself, which is far more reliable.

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