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Welcome to SRSKink! A safe space for discussing kink-related issues, thoughts, ideas, posting articles, interviews, and general kinky-community stuff.

  • Some words of caution:
  1. This is a subreddit where BDSM and kink sexuality, sex, and explicit sexual content are discussed; if this is uncomfortable or triggering for you, proceed with caution. That said, use Trigger Warnings for your posts, if/when you see fit.

  2. Because doxing and harrassment of SRSers has been a concern in the past, throwaway/alias accounts for discussing kink-related issues are totally welcome, and even encouraged.


  1. Posts that are bigoted, creepy, misogynistic, transphobic, unsettling, racist, homophobic, or just reeking of unexamined, toxic privilege will probably result in a ban.

  2. Please keep discussion in good faith.

  3. My kink is not your kink, but your kink is okay.

  4. kkmchwat is new at this, makes mistakes, and will make up more rules as they are needed.



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be seein' all 2 comments

[–]maymaym -2 point-1 point ago

Genuine question: do you read? Consider reading the currently top-rated comment on that thread:

I find it interesting that the person who made the script doesn't have the option to sort by female available and says "Fuck you that's why" for a reason

See also my own explanation for why the above was done.

Have a nice day, dear hater.

[–]RustyStardust 0 point1 point ago

It sounds like you don't read, either... He didn't say "females," he said "users."

And you did say that you wanted to destroy FetLife through this script. The only way I imagine this script wrecking Fet is if people abuse it enough that everybody who isn't interested in the environment it creates leaves.

I'll admit it's not explicit. But you need to be much clearer if you want to communicate that you don't actually want this script abused.

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